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Transpersonal Psychology

The study of cultivating Whole Human Transformation. The Whole Being, Body, Mind, Soul.

Transpersonal Psychology

Transpersonal Psychology integrates Western science with Eastern philosophy to create a multidisciplinary science which is aimed at accessing the farthest reaches of human nature through the cultivation of whole human transformation.


Meditation is a foundational practice of many contemplative and spiritual traditions. The science continues to provide evidence of the many benefits that a meditation practice can have on the brain. Ultimately, meditation is a relational vehicle that integrates the Self.


Freedom is your birthright. To be healed is to be authentically expressed. The journey of becoming transformed is to begin to Be a form that has transcended the limitations of division. To transform society we require liberated individuals.


Allow Everything That You Are to Manifest and Bless This Earth.

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Travis Gray is a Transpersonal Psychologist, which means he is a Spiritual Transformation Scientist, Teacher, and Guide.


His work involves the study and cultivation of whole human transformation through the investments of the Whole Being, Body, Mind, Soul.

Travis facilitates transformative experiences all over the world, works with individual clients in private practice, and has a podcast, Gray Transforms, where he has conversations with professionals to inspire transformation.


Etymologically, Transpersonal Psychology is the study of the Soul Transforming the Ego.

Travis is a Master of Counseling Psychology and is a candidate to becoming a Doctor of Philosophy in Transpersonal Psychology.

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Brandon Anthony Clark

Thrive Wealth Solutions

Wealth Consultant

Over the last couple of years working with Travis, he has helped me develop great ideas and action steps that improved my business and personal life. Through our guided meditation work, I have learned how to control my attention better. This has translated into more productivity in my business and self-fulfillment in my personal life.


My favorite thing about our relationship is our ability to connect. Our conversations always last longer than I expected because they are so meaningful. Travis possesses a wealth of knowledge, and I am fortunate to have someone like him on my team.


If you need a complete transformation, Body, Mind, and Soul, then there is no one better than Dr. Gray. The skills you learn will be invaluable to your growth.


I am still a work in progress, and with Travis on my team, I am confident that I will continue to grow into the person I was born to be.

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